(Opinion): Why Should Anyone Be Afraid of Amobi Ogah?: Let The Record Be Straight – Bar Frank Chukwueke

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I write as a concerned Isuikwuato indigene and a stakeholder in both the PDP and Isuikwuato Politics.

I have carefully read and digested both the opinion of Mr Ogbonna and that of one Mr Emeka Obi from Oguduasa who sounded more of a paid agent than Mr. Ogbonna who merely expressed an opinion.

It is worrisome in politics that when any person(s) expresses an opinion, it is quickly termed either an opposition element or sponsored by someone. From what I gathered,  Mr. Ogbonna was only trying to express his fears. Isuikwuato Local Government Area (LGA) is made up of four (4) known zones namely
1. Imenyi
2. Isuamawu
3. Oguduasa and
4. Uturu

From my knowledge and understanding of politics, positions are shared and taken in turns between these four (4) zones. But with considerations of the sharing between Isuikwuato (made up of Imenyi, Isuamawu and Oguduasa) in one hand and uturu on the other hand which ordinarily ought not to be so but for the spirit of brotherliness, Isuikwuato people have allowed it to be for now. Hence the sharing of positions of Chairmanship, House of Assembly and Commissioner positions. The position of Federal House is between Isuikwuato and Umunneochi.

But this balance as accommodated by the Isuikwuato people have always been violated by our Uturu brothers, hence, since the inception of the current democratic dispensation (1999).

Our Uturu brothers have at all material times fielded person(s) for positions ceded to the isuikwuato people.

In 1999, the Federal House of Representative is a position rotating between Isuikwuato LGA and Umunneochi LGA. Isuikwuato allowed our brother in Uturu to have the State Assembly position in the person of Hon Osita Igbe without an Isuikwuato son/daughter attempting to run for the position of House of Assembly in any party.
But an Uturu Indigene in the person of Late Chief Barr. Udueze contested for the Chairmanship which was reserved for Isuikwuato.

In 2002/3, the same happened while Hon. Uche Maduako was returning back to the Federal House, Hon Monday Ejiegbu from Uturu was fielded to go for the House of Assembly in replacement of Hon. Osita Igbe all from Uturu. Yet, the Chairmanship position ceded to Isuikwuato which contest was mainly between Chief Charles Ojukwu and Late Elder Chijoke Onyeabo was contested for by Chief Oliver Obiukwu under NDP with Mr. Jude Udeachara as the candidate of NDP for House of Assembly in that election. Both from Uturu

In 2007, yet again, our Uturu brother(s) in the person of Hon. Monday Ejiegbu contested and won the State Assembly election under PPA while they also fielded persons for the Chairmanship position election which never held. But with Barr Okechukwu Osuoha, then, representing and taking the share of Uturu emerged as the Transitional Chairman of Isuikwuato LGA. Mark you, Uturu then held the positions of both House of Assembly and Chairman while the Federal House had then left Isuikwuato to Umunneochi leaving Isuikwuato with no position.

In 2011, Hon Chukwudi Ogelle emerged the winner of the election to the House of Assembly in a fiece contest with Hon. Monday Ejiegbu (Uturu) with Mr. Nnamdi Udueze (Uturu) who later became the Chairman of the council who equally contested for the House of Assembly position.

In 2015 Hon. Ogelle returned to the House (Isuikwuato) after winning yet again, an election which our Uturu brothers fielded people in the persons of Loveth Ofoegbu, Nnamdi Udueze, Barr. Pius Okeoma. All from Uturu.

Now in 2019, the PDP fielded Mr. Jude Udeachara while APGA fielded Mr. Uche Iyioke for the Federal House of Representatives (all from Uturu) while Dr Eliezu (Isuikwuato) was fielded for the State Assembly with Isuikwuato people respecting the ceding of the Federal House of Representatives to Uturu which the Uturu people termed “OKE UTURU” wherein they printed T-shirts, banners and flyers, stating that it is Uturu’s turn to go to the Federal House hence “OKE UTURU”.

Isuikwuato allowed it and fielded no person(s) in any political party for the Federal House Position, yet, our Uturu Brothers fielded one Ifeanyi Njoko in Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) as an ambush for the State Assembly position ceded to Isuikwuato but they failed.

It is with these narratives and illustrations above, that, I agree with Mr Ogbonna who opined in his captioned piece “Is Isuikwuato PDP Preparing To Fail Again?

Isuikwuato PDP from my own personal opinion like that of Mr. Ogbonna and many other stakeholders and indigenes of Isuikwuato will fail the election to the Federal House of Representatives and State Assembly among other elections that will follow, should they give the ticket of the Federal House of Representatives to any Uturu person or impose any person(s) that is not of the people’s choice and of course, that candidate must come from the Isuikwuato axis no more no less.

Our Uturu brothers have taken their turn termed “OKE UTURU”, and any attempt to imposed anybody especially from Uturu on us will be highly resisted.

Hence no one is afraid of Mr. Amobi Ogah for whatever the writer Mr. Emeka Obi and his pay master think.  Mr Amobi Ogah does not possess the political experiences, will and backing of the Isuikwuato Stakeholders and people to represent us in the coming election.
Our Uturu brothers cannot and will not take two(2) straight shots or slots at the Federal House over and above the Isuikwuato people.

Mr. Jude Udeachara’s failure and by extension the failure of the Uturu people to utilize the golden opportunity given to them will not be borne by the Isuikwuato people.

“A word is enough for the wise”

Barr Frank .I. Chukwueke (Destined Chamber) writes from Umuokogbuo-Eluama, Isuikwuato

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