Check Out The 20 Profitable Businesses to Start in Nigeria

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Starting a new day without a business focus is the biggest mistake we can ever make. The world is evolving and moving fast, to survive in the country’s harsh economy you need to do more than a complaint.

This post contains the 20 best profitable businesses you can start in Nigeria right now. We have carefully checked and see that these businesses are affordable and reliable when it comes to earnings.

1. Oil and Gas business
As you already know, Nigeria is one of the countries blessed with large deposits of oil and gas sector, which massively contribute to the Nigerian Economy.
It is one of the best sources of Nigerian economic growth; ceasing this as a business opportunity can help you a great deal.
This one contains so many opportunities you can leverage; you can reach as many potential customers (large market) which will help your business grow rapidly.
Nigerians are always in need of fuel for their cars, kerosene for their stoves, diesel, and gases for their generators.
Your business will grow when you start distributing oil and gas to different consumers or, better still, start your own filling station.
Or you could set up a local business which you can use to start selling cooking gas and kerosene to local consumers. What a profitable business to start now.

2. Agriculture
Venturing into agriculture is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria you can start now.Looking at the country’s GDP, it has contributed largely to the country’s improvisation.The government wants to divert the Nigerian Economy to expand the agriculture value.
The country is blessed with green and fertilized land. There are lots of profitable opportunities in the agricultural sector you can choose from.
These opportunities range from starting a poultry farm, snail farm, cassava farm, plantain farm, or even palm oil business and other valuable businesses.The government has opened lots of opportunities to access loans for SMEs in Nigeria; this has made it easier for you to get started.

3. Real Estate
This is another cool business to start if you are looking for business opportunities, it is no doubt that this is a profitable business you can start.It is a relevant business in Nigeria; people continue to have the need to buy a house, get a home.
You can never lack the option to grow your business as you have different opportunities you can choose from.
You can kick-off by starting to work as a helping hand in finding homes for people, as an agent who earns a commission for doing so.
Developing properties, renting out properties, investing in properties can help you profit as time goes on.

4. Food/Catering
The food/catering business is one of the Profitable Businesses in Nigeria you would want to start; this is known and unknown to some people.
With the daily surge in growth of the business, we have no choice but to include this as one of the best profitable businesses in Nigeria.
Food is nothing but the essence of living; it is always on the increase every day.
It is easier to get lots of customers to your business if done the right way; you need good cooking skills, the right location, and proper packaging and marketing skills.
With the prerequisite, you can start your own franchise and grow like top businesses as people love to buy from brands.
If you don’t want to start up a franchise, you can start by opening a local restaurant that specializes in dealing with favorite dishes according to your location.
People with interest in such dishes will become your customers; thereby, you can extend to reaching more people.

5. Fashion designing
If you’re a fashionista, this is the right business for you to start right now. Fashion is one of the trending businesses online; it keeps growing day by day.It is one of the good reasons why you should start your business now.If you’ve got the skills, there is nothing stopping you from starting your own fashion designing business.

6. Carwash Services
Do you doubt whether the carwash service business is profitable in Nigeria? You should know that there are few carwash service providers but millions of car owners in Nigeria; with that, you can be sure that your business will grow.
It’s known that most car owners don’t have time to wash their car, so it’s an open spot for you.
You can join the business, start your carwash service business, begin to provide service to people. Then you will see your business grow (share your business on social media, through the mouth to mouth talk, and also banner placement on public transit buses).

7. Transportation
This is one of the Profitable Businesses in Nigeria with which you can start to make money; it is one of the profitable ones.
If you have the skills, you can start using your skills as sources of income, convert your skills to money.
It is either you run the transportation business yourself or provide the taxi business by employing people to do the task.
You can grow up your business to become the next top-rated business, such as Uber and Taxify, now known as Bolt.

8. Haulage Services
There are lots of business in Nigeria which need to transport their goods to retailers; it is needed in business.
Transporting goods from manufacturers to retailers and finally to consumers in Nigeria can earn you big money.
It is a profitable business to start; it can fetch you 30,000 naira to 300,000 naira per trip.
It has no limit as it depends on the company you work for, and the distance you cover to deliver goods.
Nevertheless, it is one of the best profitable businesses in Nigeria you can start if you have the skills it takes to excel.

9. Social Media Marketing
The most interesting deal now is Social Media Marketing; Social Media has become a popular aspect of our lives in this century.
People hardly use this medium to make money for themselves; business owners have looked way beyond to discovers ways they can start making money through social media.
Your Social Media account can serve as a source of income for you if you use it wisely and judiciously.
It’s no secret that you can promote whichever business you own on social media.
Social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are good for business owners who want to improve their business outreach and profit.
You can use it to get clients/customers, sell them products, or offer the services and get paid. It’s as simple as that!

10. Photography
Starting a photography business in Nigeria is one of the profitable steps to take; it is a consistent and cheap process.
Nigerians are known for their pretty fashionable life; there are always events to visit, reasons to celebrate.
You can take advantage of this by starting your own photography service; you can start recommending yourself to people.
You can then start covering birthday events, wedding events, seminars, and many more.
People love to create memories; with your skills, you can make it more interesting and rewarding by doing a valuable job- this leads to more recommendations.
You can start as a small-time photographer with a good camera, and then this leading you to start your photography studio where people come to for photography sessions.

11. Cosmetics
Got the beauty idea? Then the cosmetics business is the right choice for you as a business-minded person.
The need for this in Nigeria is enormous; it rarely comes to you not making sales.
Nigerian people are lovers of skincare products; you can take advantage of starting your own cosmetics business promptly.
The business is one of the cheapest ones to start with less than #30,000, you only have to get the right products and do the best promotions, and things start falling in place.

12. Barbing/Hair Salon
Planning to start a business? This is one of the businesses you can start with the little capital you have now.
The only thing you require after the small capital is the skills to offer outstanding services.
You can start by giving services to people living in the same house as you or people in your neighborhood as starters.
Then you can move on to renting a shop to expand your business; people who have experienced your services will then start promoting your business mouth-to-ears.
You can start selling wigs, brushes, combs, crotches, and other hair-related products, place them on social media to bring in more customers.
It is one of the cheapest and lucrative businesses to start at your own comfort.

13. Dry-cleaning
The dry cleaning business is as profitable as other businesses; it is one of the businesses you can start with as little as #30,000.
The amount can help you get your working equipment such as washing machine, iron, and washing soaps.
When you have the necessary equipment, you can then start reaching out to people, letting them know about the services you render.
It is left for you to offer good work as see as customers storm in.
Once you start getting job offers from organizations, you are set in the business forever, off to start generating huge income.

14. Grocery
Starting a grocery in Nigeria is as profitable as other businesses; food is one of the essential things in every human’s life.
You can never be wrong when choosing to start your own grocery store.
Set up your grocery store and start selling food products to people, promote and package your commodities before selling them to consumers.
As time goes on, you will start progressing to making more money.

15. Tutorials
Do you have any skills and know-how to teach? If yes, then this one is for you.
Offering tutorials in Nigeria is one of the money methods you will find profitable in Nigeria.
There are lots of people looking to learn some skills, if you know about them why can’t you teach them and make money.
It’s simple to make money from teaching people how to do things, then get happy.
There are different social media platforms to teach people how to do things (skills). We have Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, and others.
You set a bar of payment for each student, then charged them and give them value as agreed.

16. Blogging
Blogging is one of the Profitable Businesses in Nigeria you can start online these days.
It makes you money once you get the logic and practice, put in more time, and see it yield you profit.
You can start your own blog for as little as #30,000; it has been made easier for beginners to get on the blogging journey.
Once you have values to give to people, you can start generating traffic and place ads on your blog, and make money in exchange.
As time goes on, you will start making an income that will cover your living costs and buy you things.
Take popular blogger Linda Ikeji as an example; she makes millions of naira from her blog per month.

17. Writing (Become a Writer)
You can bring yourself into the game as a writer; there are lots of businesses that are looking to hire writers to write about their business.
Either to promote products or get the word out to potential customers about their services.
It is a valuable business to venture into; no loss is involved and also requires no capital to start.
All you need is your personal laptop or desktop and skills to start; your earnings then increase as your writing skills increases.

18. Dropshipping
One of the best Profitable Businesses in Nigeria is the dropshipping business. It basically an online-based business; you can open an online store and start copying the inventory of manufacturers and suppliers.
You get paid as soon as the suppliers are paid; it is a simple business to start; it’s hassle-free.
It’s is recommended you start earlier for faster results. One of the best platforms to create your online shop is Shopify; it is highly recommended.

19. Tech Business
Starting a tech business is valuable in Nigeria and overseas; tech is going on the rise every day.
It would help if you started thinking of the best way to invest in a new tech startup company; you can move to expand and grow your tech business in the coming years with innovative ideas.
Help the society, and you get the same in money and business boom.

20. Graphic Designing
This is one business that can sign you up with organizations; you can offer your graphic designing services to those who need them.

There are lots of businesses and companies who need your services to get brand logos or even campaign images.

All you need to have is good designing skills, a laptop, and graphic design software like Photoshop to get started. It requires no capital to get started; you can even offer your service as a freelancer on freelancing sites.
Rounding up

Now that you have a list of the 20 profitable businesses in Nigeria. It’s time to get out there and start evaluating the one that works best for you. You can choose using your current skills or ambition.

Do not be limited to this post alone, be on the lookout for more opportunities by which you can improve your business growth. With these, your business will be invincible.

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