Day2: A Night of Total Deliverance – Rev Regis Iheduru

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Fruitful Vine Christian Assembly international Presents 12Days Fasting And Prayer Programme Titled: Power And Glory Encounter 2021

Day 2 started with prayers, praises, worship and testimonies followed.

Minister Prayer Williams Was called up stage, he lead the congregation in some praises, the reggae style.

The Church choir came up stage immediately, glorifying the name of the Lord.


Speaker: Rev. Dr Regis Uchenna Iheduru

Topic: A Night Of Total Deliverance

Text: John 10:10, 8: 36, Psalm 31: 1- 4, Psalm 107: 19- 20, Proverbs 11:9, Matthew 15:13, Micah 5:12, Numbers 23:23, Like 10:19, John 1:1- 5, John 6: 63


  • Every problem or challenge you are going through has an expiring date.
  • The Lord is determined to bring you out from every ugly situations.
  • If you can believe, you will receive.

What Does This Forces Do:

  • They bring spiritual weakness.
  • They bring perpetual pain and suffering.
  • They bring sickness and diseases.
  • They make men live in regrets.
  • They bring shame and disgrace.
  • They bring poverty and lack.
  • Thy bring repeated failure.

God Is Delivering Us From:

  • God is delivering us from witchcraft activities and lack.
  • God is delivering us from barrenness. Psalm 113:9

-God is delivering us from the spirit of lying.

  • God is delivering us from every bondage of debt.
  • God is delivering us from the spirit of robbery and stealing .
  • God is delivering us from the spirit of fighting.
  • God is delivering us from the spirit of stagnation. Deuteronomy 2: 2-3
  • God is delivering us from curses. Lamentation 5: 7, Genesis 4: 16-17.
  • God is delivering us from every affliction. Luke 13: 10-12.
  • We must come to Jesus.
  • Reject and resist whatever is influencing your life.
  • Reverse their influence over your life.
  • Constantly stand on the word and proclaim your deliverance.

He concluded with declarations and some prayer points then he prayed for the bottles of oils, prayer requests and the congregation shared the grace.

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