Why You Must Attend Increase Your Cashflow Conference 2.0

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Pls ignore this if you are comfortable with the current role you play toward global impact

Frustration steps at the moment what was being told to us does not coincide with the outcomes we see now.

This experience has stagnated the most promising young men and women.

Go to school, get a good degree, and hit your dream job..- This old fairy tale has indeed created a huge disgust to reality.

As at last month, according to Washington post, over 22million persons have lost their jobs in the US. and more will.

Yet most people are becoming academically sound and educationally malfunctioned.

We want to be educationally sound; academically, mentally, socially, financially and spiritually- projecting a whole man/woman to become a positive change agent in our society.

But the truth remains that; the world pays you for the quality of problems your skills and ability can solve.

Financial security is a major concern to the youths of these times, yet most lack classical techniques to monetizing their skills and ability.

The IYC 2.0 conference places these challenges on a strategic board, and draw up a unique model on how monetization can be possible.

Scheduled to hold on the 24th – 26th July 2020, LIve on Facebook.

Now listen to this experience:

You won’t believe this!

She woke up with a credit alert of 1.5 million naira!

Now I’m sure you are wondering how it happened, right?

What if I told you she made it happen without renting a shop or running a traditional buying & selling business.

Guess what?
She has done this over and over again!

I have great news for you.
You can replicate this result in less than 14 days with a tested ans proven result that I and some seasoned thought leaders would be revealing to you.

Let us solve that problem holding you back from starting that business.

There’s a free gift waiting for you after your registration NOW

Visit: http://www.iyccommunity.com
Date: 24th -26th July 2020
Venue: IYC Facebook Closed group.

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