Re-Igbo Presidency: Is Rotimi Amaechi An Igbo Man?

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The attention of the League of Southeast Professionals, Voters Right Advocacy Group and well meaning lgbos, have been drawn to the absurdity and blunderous ulterances and “press releases” purported to have been made/issued by a so called, “coalition of lgbo groups” on who can be President from the lgbo extraction.

It is difficult and very incomprehensible to observe some names that made the list drawn by the said group, as capable of being offered by lgbos as their choice for the Presidency of Nigeria.

The absurdity was in the inclussion of Rotimi Amaechi, former Rivers Governor and current Transport Minister, of all people, in the list of possible lgbo candidates to be President. The factors or reasons that informed both the decision to include Amaechi and when he became an lgboman, made the entire excercise or story both laughable and very unserious.

It is rather unfortunate and mochery of who we are or what we have that an lgbo group, could import/adopt a none lgbo man or go outside lgboland to include a political sell out, a betrayer of his people of Rivers State, one who’s neither been part of us nor done anything in lgboland, in a list of possible lgbo candidates for President. Not with all the over qualified people we have in the land?

It is on record that lgbos in Rivers State, played huge roles in Amaechi’s sudden emergence as the Governor of Rivers State in 2007. But Rotimi Amaechi, as Governor, hated everything lgbo. He coined the segregative and anti lgbo slogans; “Rivers money for Rivers people”, “Rivers Old Boys” etc. Those were all designed to edge or fence out our people, including his close friends who were there for him when he had nothing. He personally vetted out lgbo names from the protocol list and denied them invitations to official government functions. All these were to the constanation insiders and to prove to the Rivers people that he was not lgbo. He so distanced himself from lgbos, all the while he was Governor in Rivers that he even cancelled some contracts awarded either by former Gov Peter Odili or bought from incapable Rivers people he preferred, to the shock of both his kinsmen of Ubima and most elites Rivers people who knew his background. His New Rivers Capital project failed because he refused to sell land or sign C of O’s for lgbos who were the only people who could afford to buy and capable of developing the area. One can go on and on with an endless list of his artrocious deeds to lgbos.

The same Rotima Amaechi who, during a function he attended at Unizik Awka, had the courage and audacity to ask that Igbos apologize to Buhari for not voting for him in the presidential election of 2015. Amaechi did not respect the presence of Ohaneze leader, Chief Nnia Nwodo, who was in the crowd.

While Amaechi was right to excercise his freedom of speech at Awka, he did not believe or respect the right of lgbos to vote for the candidate of their choice. He is nothing democratic. That hate speech or unnecessay alterances by Rotimi Amaechi in the heart of lgboland, could not have happened in any other region of this country. People like him take our civility, exposure anf peaceful nature for granted and talk about us with so much levity.

Rotimi Amaechi does not qualify to be found around the lgbos politically, for any reason, because he neither has anything to offer nor see himself as one of us. It is most unfortunate and very inconceivable that a group or coalition that say they are lgbo, to include him in a list of lgbos that can possibly be President. A terrible and reprehensible blunder indeed.

The inclussion of “Mr Projects”, Engr Dave Umahi, the Gov of Ebonyi State and Mr Peter Obi, the former Gov of Anamba State, in any list drawn by any group, political party or by endorsement as possible lgbo Presidents in 2023, make a lot of sense and should be hailed by every sane lgboman, woman and Nigerians who have followed the political trend. The two had made all the previous lists drawn by different groups, including this writer.

Umahi and Obi are both qualified, by all available indices, in their own individual rights and as bonafied, tested and free born lgbos, to be President of Nigeria. The fact is that only one person can be President at any given time. Though there are different methods that can be adopted to narrow down to one, generally acceptable person to represent or take an lgbo slot at any time. In effective democracies everywhere, the people or electorate have things they look out for, other than campaign rhetorics to form an opinion about good leadership. One of them is believing and doing things that directly impact on the peoples’ lives.

While Engr Dave Umahi is the current Executive Gov of Ebonyi State and has been for a little over 5 years, Mr Peter Obi was the Executive Gov of Anambra State for 8 years. They both have and will run on their respective records of achievements in public service.

What Obi achieved in 8 years as Gov and what Umahi has done so far in a little over 5 years he’s been in power, are there for lgbos to see and decide which of them will make a better President.

I personally believe that what must be our major concern, as a people, who have been or felt rejected, dejected, marginalised, denied, deprived, feared, suspected, hated etc, will be to offer our best, one with the passion to achieve and excel. Someone who will make history and work hard to disabuse the faulty minsets or impressions of people of other regions about us. That’s the only way to put our ugly past behind and move the country forward.

One good thing about elective democracy is that no office is a destination, but instead tenured journies that expire with known terminal dates. If we abide by the tenets of democracy by not trying to tamper with the rules of transition and allowing to shift to people of other regions, will guarranttee peaceful coexisitence with all involved and usher in even development.

Afterall, Obasanjo, Yaradua, Jonathan, were all Presidents at some points in our recent history.

The loud groups that adore lgboland, who always falsely claim to be speaking for the people of the region, should call themselves to order, especially on issues that border on the security and future of the people. We are, infact, sick and tired of these faceless or unidentifiable, self serving groups, making dangerous ulterances or issuing statements that are beyond them.

We have Presidential materials in abundance in lgboland, we know who and where they are at all times. Whenever they are needed, we shall make them very available!

“Igbo positions for lgbo people”

My take.
D. A.
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  1. Michael says

    There’s no space for arguments all hail Biafra please . To tell you the truth we are tired of the slogan one Nigeria because it never worked neither is it working but to say it’s working partially at all. Because of IGBOS and well meaningful Yorubas if not Nigeria is a jungle, dungeon and Illusion and working against some and working for some. All hail Biafra if not now tomorrow but I doubt tomorrow. God bless Biafra Amen

  2. Francis Dick says

    Who is Actually An IGBOMAN? I Know For Sure The People Of South East Will Not Deny Any Sane PERSON from Amaechi Zone.

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