Open Letter to Honourable Chibuzor Okogbuo – Janny Lily


Chibuzor okogbuo

Dear Honourable Chibuzor Okogbuo it’s good that you formally told Abians that you are a weak candidate and was no match for the PDP candidate.

How could you have matched the PDP candidate when you failed to deliver dividends of democracy in your constituency.

Please sir with all due respect, can you show Abians the projects you did as a house member in Bende south.
Did you do any project in:
Umuhu ward,
Ozuitem ward,
Bende ward,
Itumbuzor ward.

The ASUBEB contract you are are executing in Umuokpei Ntalakwu community since last year have not been completed. You collected payment last year and abandoned the project leaving the students stranded..

Umuokpei community have written petition and letter to ASUBEB complaining that the only school block they had was pushed down by you Honourable Chibuzor Okogbuo and abandoned it since last year.
Other contractors who got the contract completed their own since last year.

How can you be able to match the PDP candidate who was not a house member but did projects in all the six wards of Bende south.
He renovated primary school blocks with his personal money,
Dug boreholes with his personal money,
Put transformer with his personal money,
He installed solar lights in all the six wards of Bende south.

It is best for Abians to judge how you personally told them that you are weak and couldn’t deliver.

I wonder what you are doing in tribunal when you have nothing to offer Bende south.

Honourable Chibuzor Okogbuo you could not do anything for your constituents but saved money for court case.

The contract you collected from ASUBEB, you couldn’t even complete it.

Biko sir, go and finish the project in umuokpei community because their children are no longer going to school.

Thank you sir in advance..


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