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Dave Agwalla

We Cannot Wait to Die!

After patiently watching this vedioed live documentary of the horror that was Biafra & seeing once again, what our people had to go through in their quest to survive the hatred & killings unleashed on them in the north, you must shed tears, even if you had withnessed it. So sad & disheartening that after that horrible experience, in which many millions were killed deliberately, starved to death & lost all their possessions, to think that today, over 50 years later, we are faced once again with threats & deaths in the hands of ordinary fulani cattle herders this time with territorial acquisition agenda, you must be disturbed.

It is difficult to believe that our race or tribe is unprepared & has no answer to this new phase of modern day annihilation, but instead have chosen to do nothing while we watch our people suffer & die in the hands of a sworn enemy on the rampage.
With all our knowledge, wisdom, industry, power, ingenuity, human & material wealth, it remains a mysetry why Igbos cannot close ranks & come together, just like their counterparts from the other regions of the country to face the reality, speak with one voice & take a position aimed at stoping all these threats, kidnappings, armed robberies, rapes & killings of our people in their cold blood. If this is not done mow, we would have failed both as a generation & a people.

We must rise up to the challenge, not necessarilly by taking up arms, but in saying enough before we lose all that we ever suffered or lived for, including not having a place to call home & leaving our children/grand children in perpetual slavery.

The decedants of those Israelites who eithe died or survived the Hollocust would say today, at every opportunity, ” NEVER AGAIN ” would there be another Hollocust & they mean it. What are we, ndi Igbo, who went through a simlar or more horifying experience saying to ourselves, in memory of our people who were massacred or got lost. Nigeria & the rest of the world who knew what happened? The alternative that is to do nothing now, but the consequences will be unimaginably disastrous.

The siege is real, most of our farms, forests & available spaces are today, occupied by the herdsmen & their herds. Our rural people who are mainly farmers, are now staying home as those who ventured out, got raped, kidnapped or killed by fulani men from the far away north.
It is evil that our people who out number & are wiser or sharper than them, have nothing to defend themselves. Big shame indeed.
These are happening while our heavily defended or protected leaders are so afraid to at least speak out. We salute the courage & dogged fighting spirit of Onaneze in speaking for our people inspite of all odds. We will stand with them, thick or thin.

From the comfort of their hideouts in our farms & forests, these criminal herdsmen launch onto our highways & villages to poach on our people, kidnapping, robbing & killing them. We are no longer safe as the question is now, who’s turn is next?
From the ever available news of ugly incidents acros the country, our people are warned to excercise great care while on the highways & on visits to their villages or wherever they may be. Some of the surposedly “security” people we see on the highways, work in collaboration with the kidnapper by passing information about your movements, if they feel you have value. When you pass a check point & the vehicles behind you are stopped from moving, please stop & wait for them. The idea is always to let you be moving alone which makes it easier for the alerted criminals to spot & attack you. I & others l know ‘ve been victims.
It is important to state here that the prominent Yorubas who sat to draft their now famous decleration of intention to break away from the ungodly/unworkable union called Nigeria, were not elected politicians. They came mostly from the private sector & the academia, but had the strong support of the elected politicians & the captains of industry from their extraction. We in the south east cannot continue to wait for our elected people while the situation deteriorates. We are not in short supply of those who can come together to brainstorm on the ways & means of achieving peace for our own people. The politicians can join later.
The need is now!

Dave Agwalla.
Interim Sec.,
The Igwebuike Group, Worldwide.


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