[Opinion] I Thought Alex Otti Was Intelligent Until Today, Blind Ambition Is A Problem – Chinenye Nwogu


Alex Otti
Thanks to the Channel guys, they asked him questions like a kindergarten child.

All he’s planning to do have reached advanced stage or concluded by Ikpeazu.

1. Power situation, everybody in Abia knew that as far back as 2017 Gov Ikpeazu led a team made up of Prof Nnaji, Dr Pascal Dozie, Darl Uzu CEO Enyimba Economic City and others to Egypt to negotiate with the leadership of Afriexim on how to resolve the Geometric/EEDC quagmire. He didn’t leave it at that several meetings have been held with VP Osinbajo, Fashola to resolve the challenge. It was in one of those engagements that the deal to provide power for Ariaria was concluded, today over 1000 shops have enjoyed uninterrupted power supply while the power station is almost completed. In furtherance to these efforts the deal to resolve the issue have been concluded with Ruyi Group one of the major anchors for the new Enyimba Economic City. Ruyi the biggest textile manufacturing company in the world have signed the dotted lines with Geomtric Power Company to settle EEDC.

Otti my friend do not take us back.

2. Made in Aba
Even when the guys on set reminded him that everybody including the APC led federal government has acknowledged the giant strides of the Governor in the area of promotion of Made in Aba. Otti I’m sure you know that the Aba entrepreneur have become a global brand. Just recently during the Intra African Trade Fair in Cairo Egypt 5 Aba entrepreneurs where sponsored by Afriexim to show case their products a clear endorsement of the efforts of the Governor. Last year Bank of Industry launched a 400 million naira quarterly loan basket for leather workers in Aba. An effort powered by Ford Foundation in recognition of the determination of the Governor sponsored a 50 million naira global brand campaign promoting Made in Aba, they have gone further to sponsor 3 ICT companies to provide technology backbone for Made in Aba. Many Federal MDAs involved in the development of SME are all falling over themselves to become part of the Made in Aba success story. Maybe the news of the order and purchase of 50,000 military shoes from Aba gives Otti haedache. The increaed market share and the fact that today Aba tailors and shoe makers now proudly stamp their names of their products which has attracted over 3 bilkion in direct sales makes Otti mad. The icing on the cake is the crowning of the Governor first by a nationally recognized media organization and the federal government of Nigeria as the MSME Governor of the year 2018. These unbiased awards coming from unexpected quarters speaks volumes about Gov Ikpeazu’s efforts in promoting MSME in Abia. I’m sure Otti has turned a blind eye to the training of 30 shoe makers in China and consequent importation of a full process line of automated shoe manufacturing equipment that has been delivered to Abia State Governemnt. These and more cannot be ignored by any decent mind.
I’m sure Otti read upside down the news that Abia has moved upwards in ranking on the ease of doing business rating in Nigeria being among the best 5 states that improved the most in the past 3 years.

3. Industrialization
Beyound the highly celebrated Enyimba Economic City Project which today remains the mot viable, audacious, ambitious and lucrative industrialization programme in Nigeria which in one full sweep resolves the industrial need of Abia and Indeed the entire eastern Nigeria, coming with the first free trade zones licence in southeast, with juicy global brands already signing on as initial anchors. Apart from that Otti and his co travellers cannot pretend that they do not know the extensive work going on within the premises of Golden Guinea Breweries. Today the entire plant is almost completely refurbished with modern and State of the art machines. The Governor through his usual subtle but highly effective economic diplomatic and constrictive engagement with the federal government got GG financial facility from Bank of Industry which has aided their operations. Maybe he has not heard about the work going o at International Glass Industry amongst others.

Like the guys asked him will he reinvent the will or leverage from existing opportunities and advantages. Otti truly sounded confused.

4. Infrastructure
This is one area I do not want to bother anyone, the facts speaks for themselves. The infrastructural revolution witnessed in Abia in the past three years can only be ignored by the blind and overtly ambitious fellow like Otti. That Abia has maintained 3 grade A construction firms for the past 3 years speaks to the determination of the Governor to deliver world class road infrastructure to support his economic drives. The roads are too numerous to mention. I’m sure Otti abandoned his usual helicopter flying style to driving his exotic cars because he now feels safe on Abia roads.
On infrastructure everyone agrees Ikpeazu has done.


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