Orji Uzor Kalu And The Delusion Of A Professional Gamji Man – Ikechukwu Iroha

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To launch himself back to limelight after suffering monumental disgrace for many years, OUK has finally found another willing tool. To be fair to the former Governor, he knows how to use some rookies to aim at a location. To show his commitment to the project, he would later make funny distasteful statement ‘Ogah will pay all remaining arrears in 4 days after swearing in’.  Somebody should wake Orji up from the wonderland where he sits and make fun of himself with his dreaming partners. Abians are wiser than such caricature. Looking closely at the new kingmaker in town, you will wonder why Abia is still paying backlogs he left in the State after many years when he could’ve used 4 days to pay all pensioners instead of calling them dead woods.


Orji Uzor knows that Uche Ogah stands no chance in the gubernatorial race, he insisted that the party gubernatorial ticket be given to the young man whose political history could be best described as a ‘play by Novice’. Ogah has unknowingly volunteered to become Orji’s toy boy.


To make a final attempt to the hallowed chamber, OUK must be assured of support from Isiukwuato through Uche Ogah who will ordinarily think he will get same from OUK in order to gather votes for his inordinate Umuahia Government House ambition. The crafty OUK smartly asked Amobi Ogah to bury his ambition for a fourth term Nkeiruka Onyejiocha, so as to get equal support from Umunneochi. Political watchers have already seen the gap in fielding Onyejiocha after being rejected by his own people against the youthful Amobi Ogah.


OUK knows that a ticket to Uche Ogah is an easy ride for Dr.Ikpeazu to 2023 . No Ngwa man will throw away a product of their struggle for 16 years for same person that vowed not to see any Ngwa man become a Governor in Abia State. Only that OUK is not God and therefore, cannot decide the future of UkwaNgwa people, he swallowed back his vomit in 2015 when after 16 years, an Ngwa man with an intimidating profile emerged Abia Governor.  Martins Azubuike agreed to play a second fiddle to someone that has stepped on the entire ambition of Ngwa, is a story for another day. It will be discussed in the near future that Martins Azubuike tried selfishly to sell the properties of his kinsmen to someone that used his own property carelessly for 8 years. Going by performance, Ikpeazu has made mess of any record OUK had for 8 years. In the area of infrastructural development, no trace of any road in Abia today that was done by OUK, due to his usual love for substandard materials and wheelbarrow to construct projects that can not last more than a season, yet, surprisingly, he completed 8 years.


Martins was in Abia when everyone was shouting for freedom from the powerful grip of Mamacracy. He can’t claim he did not pray for an end to the clueless OUK’s governement of agboroism and unlawful conversion of government properties to private ownership in Abia. The era of bribery, the era of hardship, the era of looting, the era of infrastructural decay. In a saner clime, no one would want to distract Ikpeazu from cleaning the mess of that 1999 error.


Every Abian should see it as a taboo that some persons support OUK’s desire to come back to Abia Government House through his protégé Uche Ogah. It has been established that Uche Ogah has no mind of his own and therefore, lacks total control of every decision around him, going by the way people were pushing him around against his will, during the court case instituted against Dr.Ikpeazu.


The new song in the mouth of OUK’s followers is that he is building NDDC roads in Abia North. That few persons who are adjudged intelligent are buying into such acute foolishness, shows the level of reasoning in this part of the World.

In a final and desperate move of the APC to retain power at the center, a man who ordinarily should be struggling in court to defend his #7.2 billion fraud he allegedly took from Abia coffers was allowed to walk free after identifying with APC with a firm promise to deliver the President and thereafter was asked to present his company to NDDC so that APC can equally siphon money through that channel by doing dirty jobs in the South East, should be an issue worthy of discussion by the Stakeholders in Abia polity.


To set the record straight, Abia is an NDDC member state and qualifies for every project in the zone. SLOK like other companies bids and got contracts to build street roads in Abia North. Only in Abia will a political contractor takes glory for doing dirty jobs that were paid for with our money even while making his profit from the dirty jobs. That shows how shallow OUK supporters are.


Today, the commissioner for Works in Abia State, Hon.Eziuche Ubani has taken up the challenge to debate with Orji in a national television of his choice at his own time.


Keep this article somewhere, OUK will never show up for any of such challenge. What has he to tell Abians?  That he sold all industries out for penny or that he fenced Enyimba Stadium without considering building toilets. Perhaps, he will explain to us what happened to the Machines imported for Abia Ambassadors that were used to start his personal Sun newspaper. Will he like to be reminded that none of the projects he did during his time is standing today whereas we still see the remains of Mbakwe’s legacies that were built before he was born?


Abians know better.

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