We Have Fulfilled 60% Of Our Promises To Miss Tammytara Abaku, Former Most Beautiful Girl In Rivers State – Amaris Household Media

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“From the contract, the organization has fulfilled 60% of the contract which includes the official car, publicity, Courtesy visit and what the CEO calls thank you gift”

There are three sides of a story and to say we are surprised by miss tammy Tara’s claim is an understatement Because miss Tammytara abaku came like any other girl to contest and she hasn’t given us any inclination that there was a problem.

Miss Tammy has never made a demand to the brand that was neglected, she hardly communicates with the brand, doesn’t honor invites, has never gone for any courtesy visit or promoted her office since she was crowned.

Miss tammy Tara abaku has never for one day complained to the brand and wasn’t attended to, she has not done her pet project or go for a courtesy visit, she has on two occasions made snide remarks about the CEO of the brand.

It can be seen on the contract that the brand has been working hard to see that the winners are also active through the publicity and other little ways. Miss tammy Tara abaku didn’t give the brand a dime so it can’t be said that she was scammed.
The official Car is always available but only used by those going for events of which miss tammy has never gone for any before even when she is invited!!!

Miss tammy goes for shoots, shows, auditions and jobs WITHOUT INFORMING THE BRAND but would decline an official invite with excuses.
Miss Tammytara goes against the brand rules and regulations always and claims she doesn’t know. miss Tammytara was given some cash, adding up to what was available and was asked to go for a Photo shoot at a particular studio in rivers state with other winners but she went to another studio and did a shoot we are yet to see the pictures for months now.
Miss Tammytara brings in scam jobs and always ask the CEO to give her money to go for such jobs which is always declined with an advice from the CEO.

From the contract, the organization has fulfilled 60% of the contract which includes the official car, publicity, Courtesy visit and what the CEO calls thank you gift, Etc.. Miss Tammytara was never at any point available so it can’t be said to be the fault of the organisers that she didn’t enjoy some of the benefits but she was adequately promoted by the brand on all its social media platforms!!!
You can take a horse to the stream but can’t force it to drink water…Miss Tammytara has shown Nonchalance from day one and there was no way the brand will work with an unavailable Model…Miss Tammy doesn’t reply messages, ignores calls, and doesn’t honour important invites..

As of when she resigned she and the Ceo were on good talking terms with no issues whatsoever..
As a reputable brand we took her resignation in good fate and was never bent on dragging her to the public until she sent out a publication to social media and sent some people to insult and abuse the CEO.

Miss Tammytara should return everything given to her by amaris in her possession including her sash and crown within 48hours
Our organization just want to clear the air on what transpired and this is the last time we will talk about this issue…Any further info should be passed through our lawyer. We wish miss tammy well in her chosen career.
Thanks to all who called and showed support and also to those who abused and insulted the brand May God Bless everyone.
Thank you


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