Isieketa Mbawsi Road, Alex Otti And The Okezie Ikpeazu’s Inexplicable Shock – Ferdinand Ekeoma

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On Friday, the 27th day of July, 2018, history of monumental proportion was made in the Isialangwa part of Abia state, when the strategic Isieketa road that had denied the people of the area joy for decades was commissioned for use.

The 5.5 kilometer rural road is such a strategic one because the indigenes of the area are predominantly farmers who require good access roads to be able to evacuate their farm produce and make a living out of their labour.

Having also used the terribly bad road as a little boy, and clearly understood the harrowing experience the people must be passing through, a renowned banker and the 2015 Abia APGA governorship candidate, Dr. Alex Otti, knowing that he had the means at this point in time to end decades of sorrow of the people, swiftly made the necessary contacts, and before the people could know what was happening, earthmoving equipment were all over Isieketa, to the exciting shock and disbelief of the people.

But few days after the arrival of the Contractors and their equipment, the joy, excitements and celebrations of the people were cut short, as the disgusting Abia politics was brought to bear by Abia state government.

First, the local government allegedly sought bribe from the contractors before they could continue with the project, but when this irresponsible request was fearlessly dismissed, the Local government Chairman, one Isikaku, acting on the instruction of the Okezie Ikpeazu led government, directed the contractors to stop work, ridiculously claiming that the none performing government of Okezie Ikpeazu had earlier awarded the said road. To show that the threat was real, he chose a specific date to come and effect the anti people directive.

Alarmed and highly provoked like wounded lions, the people of the area mobilized and gathered at their village square waiting for the said chairman.
Like the Igbo adage goes “No one tells the deaf that war has broken out”
The town criers had done the needful in different villages, and the LGA chairman wasn’t so deaf not to know that he would be embarking on a suicide mission as the people were already red-eyed, threatening to lynch him should he dare near the construction sight.

Just like the people, Alex Otti was provoked, because he saw the unnecessary intrigues as irresponsible politics driven to the point of insanity, and thus prepared to repel it. Interestingly, the comic characters realized the futility and danger of that particular mission, and thus beat a retreat.

The NDDC sponsored construction work took off and progressed on a bombardier speed, to the joy of the people, and sense of fulfilment of Alex Otti.

To give the very happy people of Isieketa a perfect opportunity to celebrate their brand new road, the commissioning of the road was fixed to coincide with the 60th birthday/19th anniversary coronation ceremony of their revered traditional ruler, HRH Eze Nelson Nmerengwa.

The people came out in their large numbers, traditional rulers from different communities were present and excited, religious leaders, market men and women, farmers, and indeed people from all walks of life were present.

As you would expect, the initiator of the project and the Game Changer himself, Dr. Alex Otti OFR was very much on ground. Accompanied by his wife and daughter, friends and political associates; they all watched in fulfilment as his guest and representative of president Muhammadu Buhari, Mr. Femi Adedina cut the tape signalling the commissioning of the road, amidst thunderous ovation.

Everyone is happy that the road was built to standard, everyone is happy that the road was built at a speed that’s unprecedented, and everyone is happy that the road was not built on the radio and Social Media, and above; everyone is happy that the once suffering people of Isieketa are alive to see their years of suffering being ameliorated by the silent striker, Alex Otti who manages to celebrate completion and not award of contract.

Unfortunately, there is only one set of people that are not happy, and it’s the comic characters in government house Umuahia.

While they have ignorantly attacked Dr. Alex Otti and federal government over this project, they viciously and falsely claimed that Dr. Otti and Mr. Adesina commissioned “an uncompleted project”
They also mischievously queried why the road was not commissioned by the NDDC Chairman or the Commissioner representing Abia in NDDC.
Above all, they were very angry and frustrated that Alex Otti didn’t invite Okezie Ikpeazu to come and do the commissioning.

Dignifying these guys acts of endless indignity is energy sapping, however, we must continue to remind them that Alex Otti is a thorough bred and strong-willed Abian who can never give in to their destructive mischief.
It’s disgusting that because the Okezie Ikpeazus politicize everything to the detriment of the people, they are doing everything to dismiss this monument project and its welfarism.

How can Otti bring Ikpeazu to come and commission a project they had falsely claimed they were building, just the way they are still claiming that they have built the road that passes through Dr. Otti’s house in Nvosi?

We understand Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu’s sadness, of course any poorly performing leader would have felt the way he and his men felt last week Friday seeing Otti and his guest commission that beautiful and strategic 5.5 kilometer road built in less than seven months, when Ikpeazu rolled out the drums last two weeks to commission the less than one kilometer Ikoegbu street in Umuahia, and is still struggling to complete the less than one kilometer Aba-Isi Court road Umuahia.

Indeed, Ikpeazu’s shock and disbelief is understandable, but why envy Alex Otti for doing what you and your army of polutical appointees from Isialangwa South cannot do there ?

Like Dr. Alex Otti would say “You can’t give what you don’t have”. Otti has used what he has, which is his capacity, contacts and relationship with his friends and allies in government to give the suffering masses what they desperately desired.
He is going to do it again in the next few days when the second phase, which is the 12.5 kilometer Mbawsi road project commences, while hoping that Ikpeazu would continue to the wailing.

Think Abia Getting it Right in Governance for the First Time………Think Alex Otti

Ferdinand Ekeoma

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