Meet Maureen Nnodim, The CEO Of Minolix Collectibles And The Youngest Entrepreneur In South South Of Nigeria

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Maureen Nnodim, the CEO of Minolix Collectibles is a 300level student of Animal and Environmental Biology (Parasitology) at the University of Port Harcourt, and also an entrepreneur. Maureen Nnodim was born into the family of Mr/Mrs Felix Nnodim, somewhere in Kaduna State but later relocated to Port Harcourt with her family at a very tender age. She’s the third child of five and hails from Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State.

Maureen Nnodim started her business when she was in year one, as a means of supporting herself and her education. She makes tasty and crispy groundnuts, disinfectants (liquid soap, bleach, air freshener, etc) and also sell jewelries. Because of her dream of becoming an independent lady and to have her own streams of income (a trait she got from her mum) while she was in her tender age, she started selling stuffs to make money for herself.

Maureen Nnodim recently launched her brand and business name called “Minolix Collectibles”, currently supermarkets are ordering and receiving supplies of Minolix Crispy Groundnuts (MCG) within and outside the city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

The products of Minolix Collectibles are:

(1) Minolix Crispy Groundnuts
(2) Plantain Chips
(3) Liquid Soap, Bleach, Air Freshener and other disinfectants
(4) Jewelries (earrings, bracelets, necklace, pendants and brooch)

Minolix Collectibles Services:

“Our services include training and special classes on how to make liquid soap, air freshener, bleach and other disinfectants, wholesale and supply of all our products,
delivery to homes, schools, hospitals and offices”.

Maureen Nnodim, the CEO of Minolix Collectibles also faces some challenges just like every other entrepreneurs out there. She told profjaysblog team some of the challenges she’s facing and how she was able to overcome.

“In entrepreneurship, challenges are bound to come but the most important thing is that you don’t give up. I’ve faced challenges from combining school with my business especially groundnut making, also at some point business wasn’t as it used to be, there was also the challenge of having so many competitors around. But in the face of all this challenges i persevered, even when it felt like I should give up, I refused to”.

The major reason behind my success is God. Also earlier on, I was doing my business on a low key, I had few customers and they were mostly like the only customers I had, I was troubled though but I felt I was trying the best I could.

Later  I met a business consultant who told me about branding my business and knowing my business environment, I applied all he told me. I got my brand/business name ‘Minolix Collectibles’ and logo.

I started online marketing and my customer base increased. And currently Minolix Collectibles is blossoming by God’s grace.

The journey so far haven’t been all rosy but by God’s grace and by applying the right principles and strategies my business has grown.


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