Top Five Ways To Make Money During World Cup

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1. Print the world cup schedule and sell.
This has been used in making money by so many in the past before and during the world cup, but it seems no one want to give it a shot this time around.
No need explaining how it looks like and all what not, the sample is attached; anyone interested can as well print with a cardboard, sell at around N50/N100 and make lots of cash. It’s a must sell I tell you.

2. Turn your shop to a free viewing center.
This option requires a step that will take your business to another level during and after the world cup.
Your shop may be a; restaurant, bar, barbing salon, betting shop, electronics shop etc…
What this does is that it brings people that normally do not visit your shop to your shop, exposing to them the products and services you offer which they may not know about. From there they’ll start patronizing you immediately (in the case of restaurant and bar), or later and viola, you’ve gained more customers. In as much as we do not promote betting, we just added it because of some other profitable businesses people may carryout therein.

3. Selling of customized (especially Nigerian) Jersey, mufflers, caps, wrist bands, flags et al
Anyone anywhere can do this once you’re bold and focused not minding if you’re making your sales in your street and any other place. With as low as 10k one can start this biz already even before the world cup proper, targeting; viewing centers, betting shops, and known football fans in your area. Then during the world cup, those areas mentioned above will still be your targeted audience.
Apart from just Nigeria customized as mentioned above, you can as well add countries like Spain, Brazil and Italy, as they have a lot of fans in Nigeria.

4. Selling sports newspaper
It may seem that many people don’t depend on newspaper to get daily news, but it’ll amaze you when you see the number of persons that patronize vendors on a daily basis. Most elderly people don’t make use of internet to get daily news. What about the businessmen, artisans, and so many others in the street that prefer newspaper to internet to get their daily news? With this, you’ll find out that there’s market out there for vendors.
So you can key-in into this biz and specialize in only sports papers during the world cup, this can fetch some cash during the one month period.

5. YouTube
Among all the options listed here, only this last one is online. When done well and followed accordingly, this can make you a millionaire in just this one month. I know many people knows how to make money on youtube, but many have not yet tapped into this.
This method actually requires some prerequisites before it can work. They are listed below:

(a) Youtube account: Once you have a Gmail account, you no need worry because you can login to youtube using same credentials. If you don’t, visit Gmail and open an account.

(b) Create a youtube channel: Unfortunately, this article is not meant to teach how to create a youtube channel but it is very easy and everyone can do it. If you can’t, you can google how to do that or read it up here.

(c) You need to get yourself 1,000 subscribers on your channel: Lucky for so many, they have this already. If you don’t you can start uploading exclusive videos in any niche and always end the video by asking viewers to subscribe. You can also use google to find out other ways you can get people to subscribe to your channel so you can get 1,000 subscribers. Note that without this, google will not pay you even if your channel have 10million views.

(d) You need at least 10,000 views: Just like above, google will not pay you even if you have more than 1,000 subscribers if your views is not up to 10 thousand. Therefore, in addition to the 1,000 subscribers, you still need 10,000 views before google will start paying you.

(e) 4000 hours of annual viewing time: This means that the viewing time of your videos will be calculated yearly. After a month, the arithmetic will be carried out to know if after one year; whether your video’s annual viewing time will equal or surpass 4000 hours.

Now that you’ve gotten the five prerequisites explained above, next is to find a way to record any goal action scored during the world cup as much as you can, as well as match highlights. If you can get all the goals in the first day and upload same on your youtube channel, without any advert I assure you of more than 100,000 views. Remember to monitize your videos before so that adverts will appear while people watch your videos. With this, your money will be counting in seconds. You can record vidoes with television, online streaming, or any other way you can think of.
With these, I believe I have done justice to my Topic; it is now left for you and me to take action.

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